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FireWalking to NetCat Client


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Im trying to master the art of firewalking on a network I manage ( work at), with that said I understand fire-walking can reach past the FireWall with a TTL of 1. I have placed a client one hop away from the core firewall in hopes of using a firewalking cmd to reach that nc client on the port I assigned. Most of the videos onlne show, LAN to LAN nc conenctions, which is great but I think if we were comprised, the attack would be remote. My tools, Kali 1.0, Sonicwall FW and good ole Netcat.

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I think you've got your directions the wrong way round, if you open port 80 on your firewall then that usually means you are allowing traffic in on port 80 not out.

If the firewall is setup to cover just a single IP then traffic on open ports passes straight through to the IP behind, if it is setup to to do NAT then you have to configure what internal IP and port the open port 80 is redirected to.

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If a port on the firewall is closed then you can't use another port to see through to it, that isn't what firewalking is about. If you want to probe the inside of a network from outside you need to find something to pivot off inside and then use that to poke at things. Here is more info on fire walking http://www.giac.org/paper/gsec/312/firewalk-attackers-firewall/100588

One way, at a stretch, is if you can get access to an app through which you can make HTTP requests, you can give it IPs and ports and then compare responses.

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