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PS4: Bluetooth Pass Through; A PC for the Controller for Custom 'Configs'?


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So i was wondering if anyone has tried this or knows how to?


PS4 Bluetooth Pass Through a Computer for the PS4 Controller for Custom 'Configs & Auto Commands'

to send back to the PS4 System and looks as if it was the normal controller connected not the PC Bluetooth or,

if plugged in the controller Bluetooth output to the PS4.

PS: Sorry if this doesn't make sense to you, if you have questions on what i posted please reply and I'll answer the best i can. Thanks

Also those who know me sorry i haven't been on in a long time.. Still using all my products $300+ best money spent on online products.. "Sneaky Sneaky" :ph34r:

Note: I'm not a Cheater, simply don't have time to Farm XP Points because of work, ETC.

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Your description is kind of wonky. But check this out:


Thanks a ton man, do you think there's a "DIY" type build for the PS4?


(Edit: This line only, I'm going to keep looking but if you do find a way that's not to expensive you'll be well known by gamers & maybe haters of 'Advanced gamers' haha. But again Thank you for what you already posted, always been a great help to the community @



<My idea's for example>

To go on that may help somewhat:

{Rapsberry Pi 2 B+}

Or any Computer or device of course.

{Razer Naga Epic Mouse}

I would like to use that. Love my Naga <3 haha.

Yeah sorry about that I was out of it & also for the late response, going through work crap & getting like 4 hours of sleep for around a month now and making my amnesia worse and forget what I did the past day, ETC. But it's all chill, just hope it goes away though like all of my "Issue's" but we all have our own you know. And if you don't well -_- your lucky..

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