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BleKey Did anyone get one or know where to order one?


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I've opened the pcb project from their github page with KiCad. I'm fairly sure I can easily send off the pcb to dirtypcbs or something, but that doesn't include all the electronics and IC's that need to be on the board. How do I get the end-to-end product built? Who does this, or do I need to dust off my soldering skills?

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I'd say yes. Just do it yourself. It's not that hard and at times I find it quite fulfilling (wouldn't want to do it on a daily basis though).

Alternatively, find a student doing some electro course at a college somewhere and give him/her a few bucks to do it for you.

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i downloaded the pcb and tried to make the boards, there are many mistakes on the pcb. i eventually gave up and just bought it online from www.blekeyrfid.com. less headache and it works !!

didnt want to waste too much time with it, i dropped the original authors an email as well detailing the problems. never got a response.

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