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Help with access denied when trying to do a privilege escalation


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I have a Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5 VM with a 2.4.20-8 kernel.

I am logged on as a basic user currently and am trying to perform a Privilege Escalation.

I was told by a good resource to use the working privilege escalation for this box at:


I've saved them all and when I try to run them using (Ex: ./kmod)

It always comes back at Permission Denied

I've found three other .c scripts at exploit-db.com (binfmt_elf.c & pwnedUselibKernelExploit.c & mremap_poc_2.c) but I also get access denied trying to run the using ./program

I've tried running gcc for the .c files but I get "gcc: command not found".

What am I missing to get these exploits to run?


when I ran ./ptrace it started to do something but just hanges at


exec ./insert_shellcode 2149

Thank you.

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I've tried running gcc for the .c files but I get "gcc: command not found".

What am I missing to get these exploits to run?

Is this for some education you're getting or are you teaching yourself or... what?

If you get that specific error and you don't know what's going on (the error is fairly self-explanatory) you shouldn't (yet) be messing with exploits and such. You're effectively trying to operate an F1 race car before learning to crawl. Get a book on basic Linux administration and read it.

To not leave you hanging completely, try a few of these commands:

"man gcc"

"find / -name gcc"

"ls -al $(which cc)"

If you don't understand what these commands do, DON'T FUCKING RUN THEM! I could be harvesting your machine for my botnet for all you know.

And please understand that the same goes for those exploits you mention. If you don't understand what they do how can you be sure they do what you want them to do?

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I was thinking the same thing, if you don't understand what gcc is and can't read the error message then you need to go back to basics and learn those before trying to mess with privilege escalation.

From the versions you've given I know the vulnerability you are trying to exploit, are you doing one of the Offensive Security courses by any chance?

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If you read some of the replies already given in this thread 8 months ago you should know that what you describe isn't the solution.

In fact "chmod 777" on anything is NEVER the solution.

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