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Client Mode and AP


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Hi Guys.

I have just received my pineapple and have begun to have a play around with it.

Currently I am able to connect to an existing Wireless Network using the Client Mode, I am then able to us the AP mode to create my own wireless network. This allows people to obviously access my SSID and have internet access the Client Mode.

I was wondering is it possible to connect via Client Mode to an existing Wireless and use the AP mode to Broadcast the same SSID etc as the Internet AP, therefore people connect to their known network name, however, traffic is effectively relayed via the pineapple. I have searched for some info, but have had no luck.

I have seen that effectively using a laptop, you can bridge the network adapters allowing for internet connection via the laptop wlan nic and a connection to the pineapple using Ethernet. This would from what I have seen result in what I need, but ideally I would like to be able to do this solely with the pineapple without the need for any other devices.

This is my first post, so hopefully I have not broken any rules or failed to supply necessary info. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Have you figured it out?

I was looking at

which is pretty cool.

Let me know if you see something else?

I don't believe it is possible at this time.

wlan0 works as the AP and wlan1 as a client.

You can connect to the hotspot (cafe's internet) using wlan1 and broadcast the same SSID and passphrase using the management section of wlan0, providing the network is secured with WPA2 encryption, though not sure this is the best idea ie using the management for clients. If the hotspot network is unsecured then you could use the standard AP section of wlan0.

From what I understand firstly your access point must be stronger than thehotspot and the client not yet established with it for this to work.

I also read about deauthing which in the above scenario would allow you to not only leech internet from the hotspot, provide a replica SSID/passphrase and passthrough to the hotspot, but you can also deauth the the hotspot forcing people to lose connection from the hotspot and on reconnection they will likely end up in your fake hotspot.

The issue with the above is you simply do not have enough interfaces. I think that everything may be a bit easier if a third wlan interface was added. With this setup you could use:

wlan0 and wlan0-mon to deauth the hotspot

wlan1 to connect in client mode to the hotspot

wlan2 to provide a Rouge AP with the SSID/Passphrase.

Similary when solely using deauth, if you require internet you use:

wlan0 and wlan0-mon for deauthing

wlan1 for internet

eth0 for access to the pinepaple

Therefore there is no way to wireless interact with the pineapple when doing this, forcing you to use cable as wlan0 is being used up in the deauth process.

I think I will have a look at getting a USB wifi device that can provide an AP, so effectively I end up with two AP interfaces and a Client Interface.

I am literally learning all this stuff on the go so if anyone reads this and think I am talking garbage, it would be handy for me to know also.

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