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Raspberry pi 2


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I installed my Raspberry Pi kali with a 32 gig SD card. I forget how exactly... I think I had to open the SD card from a separate operating system gparted to change the available hard drive space.

then I made a backup of this 32 gig kali sd card iso

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So I recently bought a raspberry pi 2 I tried installing Kali Linux RPI it worked but if I try to install Kali Linux full I get not enough space /var/cache/apt/archives.

Anyone have similar problems ?

is your sd card formatted to fat32? ive not tried this yet with a pi, but how large was the img file? its gonna say out of space unless you reformat your card to a file system that can take a big enough block.

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The way it works is that you take your SD card, regardless of how it was formatted, and write the image raw to the device, replacing its partition table in the process. After that you use something like gparted as z3roc00l suggested to resize the partitions that are now present on the device such that they cover the full amount of space available on it. If you fail to expand the partition like this, you're going to run out quite quickly.

If your card, after writing the image, has a FAT32 or similar partition on it, you've been doing it wrong.

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