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Get a raincoat?

Changing the label (yes, it's 'el' instead of 'le') takes operator time. The only ones that can change the label are VaKo and Darren, and I'm sure you'll agree they both have more important things to do than change labels on people's whim.

Right now it's only you, but after that it will be someone else, then it will be several, then he gets bombarded with these requests and decides to say no once and is called a Nazi, so he bans the namecaller and... well, before you know it we're dealing with thermonuclear war.

You don't want thermonuclear war, now do you?

(don't answer that...)

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Sorry, its a ball ache setting up custom labels/ranks for the forums, we currently have 25 ranks and I never finished setting up the last selection of changes (note to self: do your job damn it). In time we will set something like that up though.

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0 n00b

8 hackling

16 Hak.5 Fan

32 Hak.5 Fan +

64 Hak.5 Fan ++

128 Hak.5 Zombie

256 Hak.5 Pirate

512 Hak.5 Ninja

1000* Melodic Post Count

1024 Hak.5 Uber fan +++

1337 Hak.5 1337 fan

2000* Sparda Post Count

2048 Hak.5 Junkie

4096 we ain't got that far yet

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