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XenServer adding a hard drives


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I have an older PC with few hard drives and I'm trying XenServer on it.

XenServer installed fine but when I tried to add those hard drives that are in that system I'm having a problem. I dont want to delete data on them I just want 1 VM to use them.

all drives are ext3 or ext4

I found this post :

http://discussions.citrix.com/topic/243583-adding-local-storage-with-existing-data-to-xenserver-50/ and this one https://xen-orchestra.com/oldforum/114-adding-local-storage-with-existing-data-to-xenserver/0

here are the command I'm using:

xe sr-introduce uuid=73ef6537-de8c-40ba-9278-401bd1abbefe type=ext content-type=user name-label="test_2_500GB" shared=false


xe pbd-create device-config:device=/dev/sda1 host-uuid=87039f32-f584-4d2b-9e16-9f32d218020c sr-uuid=73ef6537-de8c-40ba-9278-401bd1abbefe type=ext


xe pbd-plug uuid=caf6db4a-ecc8-292c-e710-269308c55c51

when I use that last one I'm getting this error


Error parameters: , Logical Volume mount/activate error [opterr=Unable to activate LV. Errno is 5]

and XenCenter when I tried repair I get this one "Logical Volume mount/activate error"

I tried variation of device-config:device= location and tried to remove and add type=ext3 and ext
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong .
Any suggestions ?
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