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Kali 1.10a fails in virtualbox


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Recently I've had this issue with Kali 1.10a in Virtualbox on Ubuntu 15.10. I have no problem installing the image. When I try to boot the new install it just crashes at login. I thought to myself crap Kali isn't wanting to work. So I decided I would just use Debian and just install kali-linux-all over that. When I try to boot into debian-8.1.0 I get a no bootable media found error.

So this has me wondering is this a Virtualbox issue, an Ubuntu Issue, or an issue with Debian 8? I'm leaning toward it's an Ubuntu issue because I've never had this kind of issue with other host operating systems and Virtualbox. But really I'm not sure. One thing I noticed when I booted into Kali was that the microcode failed to update. This shouldn't even be an issue right? Microcode updates happen when you do bios updates and whatnot right?

No idea. I've been trying to spend more time outdoors lately. I jump on my computer to do some stuff. Nothing works again. Go figure.


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Are you installing it manually vs using the pre-built images? - https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux-vmware-arm-image-download/

If using the ISO to install yourself, try live booting the downloaded ISO you used to install to vbox first though, make sure it's a good image. If the live boot off USB or CD/DVD doesn't work, then the image is most likely the issue(in theory).

If using the actual pre-built vbox image, then just verify your signature and then check all your vbox settings.

Verify the signatures of the files to be sure in any instance though.

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Didn't they release 2.0 just a few days ago?

2.0 will be out on August 11th, but I don' t see it being a Kali version issue as much as a possible vbox. It looks like it's either his HOST OS and VBox, or possible corrupt install of the guest OS, but even trying to install over debian, it makes a difference what guest OS you chose first. IE: AMD 64bit ISO works best with a guest OS set to Ubuntu x64, and will usually give issues if trying to install to the 32bit guest OS version of linux VM's, but I don't know specifically how he is setting this up or what media installing/using.

@vailixi - alternatively, you could try the Vmware Player instead of VBox, and download the pre-made VMware machines from the link in my previous post.

setup help for Uubuntu and Vmware Player https://xpressubuntu.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/how-to-install-vmware-player-in-ubuntu-14-04/

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I'll try live booting. I hadn't thought to check the image that way. I probably should have. Sweet on 2.0 being avilable soon. I wonder what fancy new gadgets it will include. Veil-evasion and the WPS pixiedust fork of Reaver would be nice to have preinstalled.

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Check tools.Kali.org I think pixie attack might be in 2.0 buy don't quite me on that. It's demoed in the new video they put out. I'm not home but o can check later. I have a copy in a VM but its early release and not finished version but I made icons for it and can see if its in the menu. They are still adding new tools and I just created another icon for a tool this morning but pretty sure its in by default now.


I can confirm, yes (at least in the version I am running) PixieWPS is installed by default.


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@vailixi - "it's in that place where i put that thing that time..."

Your Fu just got an upgrade. Kali 2.0 is out.


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