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Recon Not finding 5 Ghz (802.11n/a)


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My AP (Buffalo) has 2 wireless , 802.11b, and one for 802.11n/a. When I go into recon mode, it only detects the 802.11b SSID, and never the 802.11n/a, no matter how long I allow it to scan.

Also one other thought - when you click on the open access point said , its hidden by default. If I try to connect to this via my wireless adapter, without a password, it says network not found. This should be similar to not broadcasting your said on a standard wireless connection, however you can still connect. If I uncheck to not hidden, it can find it fine. I was planning on testing with this SSID, to see if I can death my own connection, and how the other tools work with it.

Any thoughts on these 2 questions?

Thank you!

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Thank you Mr. P for your reply. Interestingly, I bought the AWUS036NEH when I purchased the Mark V. It has b/g/n capability. I have it plugged into the USB port but it's the wireless interface that I use to connect to the Mark V, and I use ethernet to connect it to the internet. Do I need to enable one of the other wireless i/f to make this work?

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Here is a good 5GHz wifi adapter that should work in kali linux

Alfa AWUS051NH v2

However I heard that some people had some issues with the drivers so you might go through a nightmare there to get it working
here is a video I found on youtube to clear things up (dig in the comments section)

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