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Adding Pineapple UI to RPI.2


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Hello all,

so got an idea, looked in the forums didn’t really find anything really related to this, thought ı would share it and ask for help :)

where did this come from?:

-shipping cost of pineapple to my location is 204USD

-rpi has better harware spec (which is good when ur programming skills are a bit rough like mine)

-u can add touchscreen to rpi

Hardware Setbacks:

rpi doesn't have pins to set a mode, unlike pineapple | possible solution, using the gpio on RPI

Current stat:

-someone shared the mkv4 ui online with in 2 days ı was able to get most of the UI working :)

-ordered a couple of usb-wlan card, will test how they will work (rpi doesn like them all)

-did try frutyfy, didnt really like it :/

Goal: (hardware)

hardware: RPI2

os: Kali ( if kali v2 for gets released by august 7 for pi will continue with that)

screens/panels: rgb lcd and 5inc tft support

Network: 2 wifi cards, 1 Ethernet

Where I need support:

the source of mkv5 UI ( the github is empty)

some coding in the gui (for the tft screen)

possibly help on making the ui for on RPI

Goal: (software)

UI: pineapple :)

multiple boot options:

-wireless router (tor/vpn/normal)

-plug to see network info (ip/subnet/dns, outgoing ports) needs screen and an online server

-vpn gate way (plug the cable in, connect from home)

future updates:

adding media center functions to disguise the evil inside, so you can plug it to a tv it will work like a media center but will be a pentest box in the back :)

open to any ideas/ resources etc

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