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Duelboot Kali with Backbox


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Hey lads, im having a hard time duelbooting Kali with Backbox and vice-versa.

The purpose is purely to play with them both and dont want to muck around with live-usb etc.

I Installed Backbox on the entire volume as suggested but when I went to install Kali it was not detected as being present.

Should I split the disk and make 2 partitions?

I'll keep playing as I may have missed something :/

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Got it :), Have to install Kali first, seems there has been some issue with GRUB not installing. Once Kali was installed, Backbox correctly detected it this time.

I was able to split the disk cleanly down the middle. I Would be interested however to learn now how to resize the partitions so I can make a Windows 7 Machine also, however a VM would prob suffice.

If anyone knows if how to do this without having Windows installed first that would be handy to know.

Partitioning Linux is taking me years to grasp.

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