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TL-WN722N does not work with the Mark V

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So after finding a topic called "Supported High Throughput Client Mode Radios" I picked up a TP Link model TL-WN722N but it doesn't actually appear to work with the Mark V.

The Mark V sees it, I scan for AP with wlan2 , press connect, it goes through the connecting phase and finishes with "Connection initiated. See below for connection details." but below it just says "Not connected" and this is in fact the case; it is not connected.

I notice that after I press "Connect to this network" The blue light on the pineapple goes off for a second. I'm not sure if that is an indication of a malfunction or what.

Any ideas on if this actually works? Or is it just a fluke on the supported list?


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Thanks for confirming that it doesn't work for you either J5x86.

I have an Alfa AWUS036H that works as well, but I think that the Alfa can suck up a lot of power compared to the TL-WN722N when I'm mobile, which is why I was attempting to switch.

Maybe when Darren originally tested it (not sure if it was him personally or someone in the community) it worked, but a firmware update along the way killed it or something.

Happy to provide a log of some sort if it might help.

Here's to hoping someone with much more Linux knowledge than me can shed some light on it. :huh:

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Never found anything J5x86?

Thanks for trying anyway.

It looks like the TL-WN722N needs to be removed from the Supported High Throughput Client Mode Radios list.

I bought one because of that thread with input from Hak5, and it turns out it was a waste because it doesn't work, at least not with the current build..

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In regards to the problem being the power adapter, I am using the supplied Mark V power adapter, and I would assume it landed itself on the hak5 approved list using that adapter. In addition, the TL-WN722N uses under 250 mAH or something, so it's hard to imagine that extra 250 mAH is causing a problem, especially when I know the Alfa adapter I mentioned earlier uses more power, and it works with that.

Nonetheless, I'll see about trying another power adapter and see if that works out.

I haven't got to try it with the 2.4 firmware yet.

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