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OpenBTS not installing properly


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I have installed openbts in ubuntu 12.04 LTS , while installing it is showing error transcever not installed i have tried by installing it manually but no use, openbts is not starting on my system can i get a solution for this problem

The error what i am getting while installing is

ALERT 14235:14246 2015-07-23T13:06:05.0 OpenBTS.cpp:174:startTransceiver: starting transceiver ./transceiver with 1 ARFCNs

EMERG 14235:14249 2015-07-23T13:06:05.0 OpenBTS.cpp:180:startTransceiver: cannot find ./transceiver

EMERG 14235:14246 2015-07-23T13:06:05.0 OpenBTS.cpp:185:startTransceiver: Transceiver quit with status 256. Exiting.

for transreciver problem what i mentioned in pevious post i just copied transreciver execution file present in transreciver52m directory to apps directory,

after that it is asking no uhd device,

i connected B210 and tried the procedure again
i am facing an error

UHD Error:
An unexpected exception was caught in a task loop.
The task loop will now exit, things may not work.
RuntimeError: usb rx8 transfer status: 5

in new terminal if i give uhd_find_devices then no devices are detecting.actually uhd is installed and it detected usrp before openbts installation

UHD Error:
USB open failed: insufficient permissions.
See the application notes for your device.
No UHD Devices Found

can any one give solution for this problem
i am using ubuntu 14.04, GNU C++ version 4.8.4; Boost_105400; UHD_003.009.git-208-g2563456f

Thanks in Advance

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