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Exploits on Linux Red Hat Kernel 2.4.20-8


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Hi Guys,

I figured I'd give this site try, you guys seem very knowledgeable. I'm on two straights weeks of researching exploits for my Red hat 2.4.20-8 version and hoping the end result being escalated local privileges from a standard user.

Everything keeps pointing back to the following code for that older OS.


And the Mremap.c code, Ive seen remap.c and also mremap .c

Unfortunately im not a programmer, yet I've learned about the gcc compiler , versions of gcc and so on in the recent weeks through my trials. My studies end here, it boils down to running this exploit without errors and gaining root access. Here's my question, where should I look to resolve this errors? Any direction is helpful.

Ive attached a sample of the output Im receiving when running the remap code.

I'm lost... appreciate it in advance.


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You're showing the bottom end of the compiler error. Scroll up to the very first error. It's very common in C that a misinterpretation of a line gets flagged, the line gets ignored as a result but then the compiler continues, now missing a potentially vital piece of information causing a HUGE set of errors completely unrelated to the actual problem.

And the best forum for this issue I'd say would be "Applications & Coding".

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