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THERE HAS TO BE A WAY! Help me get my buddy back!


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If anyone answers this seriously I won't be pleased... this is just fucking immature and is gonna cause him a huge pain in the ass (granted, that's what you actually want)... What if someone did this to you? You'd be pissed, right? Think about this shit before you consider doing it to someone.

Besides all that, I keep hearing people say "help me hack my friend's pc" or "help me piss off my friend"... If you're even considering this crap you're clearly not very good friends, are you?

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He sleeps with my sister, I cut his tires.

I throw a bucket of paint in his room, he Saranwraps me to my bed while im sleeping

He puts pepperrs on my sandwich, I spit lemon juice in his eye.

its just a neverending circle of misfortune.

After you cut his tires why did you do throw a bucket of paint in his room if you where already even ?

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