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Red Hat 2.4.20-8 local priv esculate


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Hey guys, first post here ....I'm trying to exploit my VM which is 2.4 RH and also download a clean install of Centos 2.4, using the Centos, .

I'm trying to run a local exploit....using the uselib.c on 2.4. kernel

I receive "check_VMA_flags" as the output on the Centos OS


I've reached out to a few other sites but none want to assist due to the content. It's in on my virtual machine, but trying to understand this code.

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Congrats I suppose. But the exploit you were trying to get going was posted in 2005, a full ten years ago.

What are you going for with this? Improved understanding of how this exploit works, how any exploit works or something else?

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I have never had success with tbose kinds of exploits... spent weeks uploaded and execute... endless hours lol...

There are scripts out there that will upload hundreds of priv exploits to a machine, then compile, lauch all exploits and report a log of fail or success...

Wish I had known this years ago...

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Problem with those scripts is that they're *VERY* noisy/detectable and the bulk doesn't work at all. Worse still, most people using those scripts don't know (and, worst of all, don't care) why and put a bit of effort in to make them work. I don't understand how those people can look at their botnet or whatever and mouth off about how awesome they are for achieving this. They ran a fucking script. If I got a cookie each time I did that I'd be larger than Marlon Brando.

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