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Old WiFi adpater better than Newer?


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My old adapter is the AWUS036H http://www.alfa.com.tw/products_show.php?pc=34&ps=92

I just bought a AWUS036NEH from the hakshop http://www.alfa.com.tw/products_show.php?pc=34&ps=22

The issue is that the newer adapter performs poorer than the old one. I would have thought it would be better? The below picture is when I switch adapters, you can see the RSSI gets worse.


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Its a strange thing... all the alfa cards show different results... you will see more access points with the NEH but The classic 36h always shows better signal stregth...

you have to look more into the connection... packet loss, noise, reliability, disconnects...

You may notice lower signal stregth but using wireless N faster speeds...

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It depends on the connection channel, signal, power, etc. Rated wifi routers need to be configured for optimal use. I have two 802.11AC routers, which I get 175mbps bridged between them at the moment, but 200+ when I move them closer together. I have a LOT of dropped packets though since they are at opposite ends of the house, but take into consideration all that I have in between the two, this is way better than expected. Before hand, i was usign 802.11 BGN with 2.5ghz 2.4ghz only and I was getting like 1-5mbps throughput with the same amount if not more packet loss(different gateway router and brand than now though). Brand also makes a difference. I have a Netgear a6200 which gets really great speeds, but poor signal and it doesn't let you change an antenna like a lot of the alphas and realtek cards do. If I could, I would probably get way better speeds and signal though. Wifi is subject to a lot of variance, and even same brand cards can vary among revision updates, or models that add more functionality(ie 802.11 N vs 802.11AC) but they may also change for stability in newer models their transmit power and rate with purposely lower speed settings for stability.

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The two cards use completely different chipsets (Realtek 8187L vs RT3070. See the specifications page for each) so some difference is to be expected.

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