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Macbook for pentesting....


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Hello all. I am currently in the market for a new laptop that I want to also use as a pentesting laptop running my VM's and such on it and I was looking at the new macbooks and was just curious to hear what some of you are currently using for your pentest machines? I was trying to decide if I want to go with the quad core macbook pro or just go with a lighter weight laptop such as the macbook air or maybe just one of the macbook pro's with the dual core i5 in it? What are your thoughts?

I know a lot of you have commented on another post related to this topic and many have suggested a laptop with just linux on it and such. I have other laptops configured in that way but I am wanting to personally dabble in the Macbook realm a bit and just curious of the latest versions out there, what would serve all of my purposes as fas a CPU, RAM and everything for a pentesting macbook where I could mess with Mac OS as well as run my Kali and some Windows VM's for proof of concept type of stuff when I am doing some pentesting. Again, I am completely new to Mac's and that is why I figured I would ask instead of just go out and buy something and then not be happy with it. Especially since Mac's are not cheap as we all know. LOL!

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At one of the places I used to work the demo guys ran around with Macbook Pros. They had the top of the line at the time i7's with the ram maxed out, I think 16Gb. They ran server 2003 as a VM on them. We used Parallels for the VM software at first, but I slowly got them converted over to VMware. It will work, and it will cost you 5X what a normal windows laptop with the same specs costs. You'll run into the usual usb passthrough problems you get with any virtualization software though.

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Yeah, I used a loaded macbook pro a couple years back but only for a short time with a previous employer. I was kind of thinking something like one of the cheaper macbook pro's with the new "broadwell" dual core i5 for my general pentesting and stuff and then for more of the horsepower intensive stuff I could bring that stuff home and use my desktop.

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