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What is your favorite wifi router for hacking?


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The routers at Langley Airforce Base in Virginia are fun to mess with.....ummm.....I mean I would think they are....yeah that's it....lol

But on a serious note, I just use whatever I can get my hands on...usually a friend's network or something b/c like I said elsewhere....I'm cheap lol. But since all routers usually operate the same way, I would probably just get the cheapest one I could find from a pawn shop or something to play around with. I haven't looked at the one you mentioned but I will check it out, I need to set up a dedicated lab here soon for playing with and learning the metasploit framework.

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I like to buy the wireless routers from thrift stores and good wills... I have 3 lynksys running dd-wrt i paid less then ten$ for all. :-)

you will find that modems/dsl routers wont run new firmware, I will still buy them if they have a detachable antenna, you can open up this device and remove the coax and sma connector... this can be used for building antennas or soldered onto a router that needs a detachable antenna...

As for the best router that runs open-wrt, the size of the flash memory is key for installing all the tools you wish to play with... look at the details on the device and check with the compatible device list...

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