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"View New Content" broken?


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This button seems to have stopped working the last couple times I've visited. I get "No New Content" except there are new responses to threads I've responded on.

I'll try logging out this time - but whether it's a session issue or not - this is not really a practical implementation of the new content concept if it is...

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I logged out after posting this topic, cleared my cookies, and when I came back, it said there was no new content again. despite you having replied to this this thread.

I have uBlock Origin installed, and thats it, however it claims that it has blocked 0 items on these pages/domains. So I wouldn't expect that to be an issue. And i had uBlock installed since joining here, and the New Content Button worked just fine then.

I also tried a complete different browser that i rarely use, and never visited this site before, to the same conclusion. No new posts.

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This is absolutely weird.

I've tested this on my primary system, MacOSX - Using Chrome (Primary). When that stopped working, I attempted Firefox. It won't show me new content either. So I went to my Linux system, and it would show me the New Content just fine. So I came back to this desktop, logged into Safari, and no new content again.

It does not seem to be a browser issue per, but a system wide issue?? But that just doesn't make sense to me?? And yes, I am ensuring that new content was indeed posted, before logging in.

I just don't know what to make of it lol

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I guess that proves it:

Linux is better than MacOSX


I don't necessarily disagree with that statement - but for a desktop system MacOSX suffices, and has pretty awesome battery life. it's also *nix based so i can hop on a terminal and feel right at home as well

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