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I posted about this on Reddit about a week ago but got no replies.

Has anyone looked at SSB TX output from a HackRF using something with a waterfall display? I'm using HDSDR with an RTLSDR stick.

I've tried SSB TX with a phasing SSB graph from W7FU, and also a filtering SSB graph from csete. When i use a FFT sink to look at what's going to the HackRF it appears to be a clean LSB signal with no carrier.

When i look at what's actually broadcast using the RTLSDR dongle, it appears to be full AM. I see both sidebands and the carrier.


The upper sideband does seem a little less powerful but it's still there enough to hear what i'm saying clearly when i swap to USB receive. I've tried lowering the gain on both the RTLSDR and the hackRF, i've also tried a couple different antennas. Even at low levels where the signal barely shows up in HDSDR, i still see both sidebands and carrier.

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