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Open access point (wlan0) question... (n00b question)


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I purchased a device that I know will "phone home" during setup and as a part of providing some interesting services. I would like to know what it is sending out and I thought a Pineapple would be a useful tool to help me.

Here is what I have:

  • My device will be connecting to my Pineapple via wifi.
  • My Pineapple is configured to provide an access point (via wlan0).
  • My Pineapple is connected to a Windows 7 PC via ethernet.
  • The Windows PC has ICS configured and is connected to my home wifi network

My Pineapple is managed via its ethernet interface. I have no desire to manage it remotely so wlan1 is off.

I have not yet turned on my device, however, I can connect to the Pineapple using an android tablet and surf the internet. I am getting output in my logs so all seems to be working.

The only problem is that the Pineapple provides an open access point. I'm not interested in providing access to my home network(s) and free internet to my neighbors or anyone else. The extra traffic would also make the data more difficult to analyze. I know hiding SSIDs is not secure. I also know the Pineapple provides a secure AP, but this is for remote management.

Is it possible to reconfigure the open access point in a Mark V Pineapple to be a secure access point? Is there something else I can or should do to secure my network?

I have a new Mark V. I have applied all firmware upgrades and infusion upgrades available. I also installed SSLsplit.

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