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Help? Solid Green, Solid Blue, dim Red?


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So I had my pineapple mark V running for a few hours or so.

When I came back I found it with a solid green, solid blue, and a dimly lit red light.

Whenever I unplug-replug it in I get the same light combination.

I have tried formatting my SD card - same issue.

I have even tried the recovery mode DIP switch setting, but I still get the same light combinations..


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I just got mine yesterday and I'm having exactly the same problem.

It worked fine, and re-booted out of the box when I unplugged/plugged power back in.

I did these things - after which I noticed rebooting via unplug/plug power resulted in the

solid green, solid blue, dim red and bricked condition:

1. I flashed the 2.3 firmware. Everything came online OK.

2. A few minutes later I followed the factory reset procedure.

note: after setting password and wifi settings on the web UI, it re-boots. It doesn't advise to reset the DIP switches first.....)

Consequently, it goes back into the factory reset cycle after that re-boot.

The next time thru I reset the DIP switches (while it was powered on).

It booted and I was able to login.

After a few hours playing with it, I unplugged/plugged the power adapter to re-boot it (as I had changed the target log for Karma to /sd/)

solid green, solid blue, dim red and bricked condition.

I find it hard to believe it's a power adapter problem - as I am able to go back thru the factory reset and it comes back.

Also, hard to believe a shitty SD card, as the card operates fine in my ubuntu notebook.

I suspect a crappy 2.3 firmware release.

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I figured out the problem. And, apologies, it is not a shitty firmware 2.3 release.

It's a shitty sense of direction. After doing the factory reset, I flipped the DIP switches all DOWN (wrong direction).

They should be in the all UP (pointing away from the bottom of the case) position.

Hope this helps.


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