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hostapd-wpe for Pineapple?

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Hey DataHead, first, thanks for your time. I installed the IPK file. Can you tell me what you have done for the compiling process? Have you patched the hostapd application?

In the installation guide on the Github project is hostapd in 2.2 version but in the ipk file it is 2.3-devel.

Output after running hostapd-wpe

hostapd-wpe hostapd-wpe.conf
Configuration file: hostapd-wpe.conf
Unsupported EAP type 'FAST' on line 78 in 'hostapd-wpe.eap_user'
Line 42: unknown configuration item 'eap_fast_a_id'
Line 43: unknown configuration item 'eap_fast_a_id_info'
Line 44: unknown configuration item 'eap_fast_prov'
Line 46: unknown configuration item 'pac_key_lifetime'
Line 47: unknown configuration item 'pac_key_refresh_time'
Line 48: unknown configuration item 'pac_opaque_encr_key'
7 errors found in configuration file 'hostapd-wpe.conf'
Failed to set up interface with hostapd-wpe.conf
Failed to initialize interface

Best regards,


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I had followed the process as it is outlined, only thing I could think of is grabbed the wrong version of hostapd and didn't pay much attention, since it patched through, and compiled.

I will try again later today, but when I am able to personally test it first before sending it off on here.

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