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Nexus 5 Kali Nethunter -- http://www.ducktoolkit.com -- Script Bugs

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Tested with a Nexus 5 running Kali Nethunter using the HID Rubber Ducky Attack utility. I am not using the official USB Rubber Ducky... Therefore you might not have these bugs.

There are some bugs in the ducktoolkit.com script that I have found that SEVERELY impede the uability of the script. In fact, the one bug doesn't even make a script!

Bug 1: "CTRL S"
Description: When saving a file it is more reliable to "Save" rather than "Save As"
Fix/Workaround: "CTRL s" (lowercase s).

*Bug 2: "STRING Remove-item" or "STRING Start-sleep"
Description: For some unknown reason, the capital R's and S's that comes right after any STRING don't want to print in notepad.
Fix/Workaround: Change them all to lowercase!

Bug 3: Extra "ENTER" commands
Description: The "ENTER" key is typed too many times and sometimes selects things on the desktop after the first ALT y is pressed.
Fix/Workaround: Delete the Extra "ENTER" commands that sometimes make the script go wonky

*Bug 4: "Get-WMIObject Win32-Volume"...

Description: Some of the hyphens in the generated text file should be underscores. This is under the 'Save to USB' Checkbox.

Fix/Workaround: Change every "Win32-" to "Win32_" and every "$-.Label" to "$_.Label" AND every "$-.ID" to "$_.ID"

Bug 5: The SAM does not copy

Description: The SAM file doesn't want to copy!

Fix/Workaround: Help on this one please!

Bug 6: Report.zip

Description: This file gets written over every time.

Fix/Workaround: I put down:

"C:\Windows\Report_" + $HardSerialNo + ".zip"

It's something somewhat unique.

Thank you for viewing my bug report. I hope these problems get fixed soon!

* = Probably just a Nethunter issue, but someone should look into it

P.S. Can someone post a fix to Bug 5? I can't find anything on it!

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