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Just received pineapple, a bit confused.


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Hey all,

So i am new to this community and i am glad to be here. Really loving this pineapple already. Now i have had most of my experience in kali linux with a lot of the tools i want to use on the pineapple, but already a few things have me a bit boggled. First and most importantly is interfaces. Now i know wlan1 is used for injection and client mode, but here is where i got confused. Does that stil apply within infusions? I ask this because i was using wps and to scan for AP's defaults to wlan0. There is also wlan0-1, and wlan1. I figured i should be using wlan1. When i refreshed the scan with wlan1, only about 2 AP's showed up, where as with wlan0, over 10 showed up. Should i still be using wlan1? or wlan0? That question also applies to mdk3. I didnt know which interface to use there either. As it seemed wlan0 did the best deauthing against my AP. The other thing i was not sure of is if i must manually put my interface into monitor mode, or if it is done automatically. I am not used to using a GUI for these tools. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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Personally I use wlan1 when using anything that is for wireless attacks. Now im not an expert on the pineapple and don't use it much but wlan0 i im pretty sure is used for doing your active scans ex; finding ap's wlan1 is used to capturing the handshake or preforming your deauth attacks. wlan1 should also be used for monitor mode.

I'm honestly not sure which one of the radio's is better to use but i just know that since wlan1 has the RTL8187 chip set its the best one for doing you're wireless attacks with.

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Hey Zara thanks for the reply. Thats what i thought! And from what i read and learned, thats what you are supposed to do, but what had me confused is why wlan0 showed me around 10+ AP's, but wlan0 gave me 3 at the most. Major difference that has me boggled. Even when running deauth, wlan0 seemed to perform better. Little things like this drive me crazy.

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If you did a scan with wlan1, the rtl8187 has a sensitivity limit of about -75 rssi for discovering networks.

The range on any rtl8187 is great, but it's sensitivity isn't high.

So if wlan0 showed you more networks, it could be due to the sensitivity it picks up networks.

If you want a card with a good balance of range and sensitivity higher than the rtl8187, stability and good injection, I suggest the awus036NH / NEH.

If you put wlan1 in monitor mode, and then ssh into the pineapple, and issue :

airodump-ng -i mon0

And let that run for a little while, what are your results on aps found? Is it more than before?

You can also try changing the txpower to something higher, and then scan again.

iw reg set BZ

ifconfig wlan1 down

iwconfig wlan1 txpower 30dBm

ifconfig wlan1 up

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Thank you SO much for that informative reply. Exactly what i needed. I am going to try out what you said. Although i might just use one of my alfa cards. I have an NH and an NHA. What do you think is better to use with the pineapple? Thanks again

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