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Pandora's jar technical issues

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Hello, I'm trying to get Pandora's jar to work on my Windows 7 system. Unfortunately, it seems like the only information I can find on this program is from like 2006. Initially, I downloaded Pandora's jar and ran it using the instructions found here:


However, instead of saving MP3s, it created a file tree and saved only the album art from each song.

In the process of trying to troubleshoot this issue, I read somewhere that it might be a flash player issue, and that Pandora's chart supposedly only works with flash player 8, which I don't have. So I set off to try to get flash player 8, and ended up downloading various add-ons to Firefox, but could not find the actual flash player I was looking for anywhere. I downloaded some add-on compatibility program and something called nightly tester tools in order to force the compatibility of another add-on called flash switcher, which now is successfully installed. However, I only have 1 version of flash to choose from in this flash switcher (and I'm not even sure if the switcher is necessary--maybe if I can find flash player 8 I can just uninstall the current version and install 8 permanently), and I can't find flash player 8 anywhere.

The closest I found was archived flash versions on the Adobe website here:


But it doesn't include 8 unfortunately.

So does anyone know where I can get flash player 8 for Firefox? I'm surprised it's this difficult. Or does anyone think that this might be caused by something else/have any other suggestions as to how I might go about trying to solve this problem?

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If your looking to download music from pandora. I have some example scripts. I sniffed this data...

Also a way better Pandora application, pithos! its open source. Im not a fan of python, if someone has the time to modify the source, this would be a excellent way of downloading the music with album image...

Pithos also has no adds, unlimited fast forward...

My method will simply collect the raw mp3 files threw sniffing , the naming of each file is up to you... I just create a folder of the pandora station title...

Tools required:




I will start tcpick to dump raw data to a directory, then I modify pithos app to fast forward every 20 seconds.... let the machine sit for a few hours then I scrape threw this data with ruby, ruby writes all the mp3 to a output directory...

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The problem with Pandora as a service is that they don't support anybody who isn't living in the US, Australia or Canada (or some such. Basically only 25% of what we like to call the developed world).

To be honest, I'm surprised they still exist.

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Actually, update: another relevant piece of information is that after opening the local host in command prompt, when I go to the site in Firefox, it redirects me to the actual Pandora site, just like is listed in this other forum discussion:


Then I saved the file, and repeated the process, but still got redirected to the main Pandora website. Is this what you were suggesting? I wasn't quite sure I understood you.


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you need proxy options? pithos has proxy options...

Also, found this thread with example code of adding a downlod option, looks like it will properly name each song maybe including album covers... if i get free time ill improve my pithos client...


my old hacky pandora sniff works for me, it was quick... ill skateboard for hours with my ipod playing this stuff...

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Well, we are talking *9 years ago* and Pandora was even back then already well aware of what what happening here and working hard to prevent this from happening. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Pandora is looking at the referrer header field to see where the applet is embedded, notice that doesn't contain its own domain and just flip you off, sending you a redirect to get you to the appropriate page.

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