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[BUG] during Metasploit payload generation.

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3. Metasploit Executable (Good | Gets dinged by most AV | Meterpreter or Standard Shell)
4. No Download Reverse Shell (Great | Long build time)

Option: 3

Would you like a meterpreter or standard shell[ met | std ]?

**whether you choose met or std you get the same ERROR**

Metasploit is generating your payload, this will take a moment...
/usr/bin/simple-ducky: line 5808: msfpayload: command not found
/usr/bin/simple-ducky: line 5808: msfencode: command not found

Encoder Version: v2.6
Simple-Ducky Version: v1.1.1

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What platform are you developing this on? It says that it can't find the MSFPayload and the MSFEncode files. These two files are part of the metasploit suite, meaning you need to use an operating system such as Kali Linux that has the metasploit suite already installed. It is hard to compile this on any other platform other than Kali, so I suggest you make a virtual machine with Kali Linux, and then try compiling the duckyscript.

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