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Geolocation spoofing - Fake APs + 1 Router?


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Hi all,

I am working on a project that spoofs the geolocation of devices by faking MAC addresses from another place through wifi signals (somewhat similar to this).

I have a Raspberry B+, connected to an Alfa AWUS036NH running in monitor mode, connected through ETHERNET with an MBP sharing Internet connection. I am currently able to use Aircrack + mdk3 to create multiple (encrypted) AP within a list of fake MAC addresses, using:

sudo mdk3 wlan0mon b -v LIST.txt -g -t

And this works perfectly. However I also want, at the same time, to use the same wireless adapter to create an AP (with a hand-assigned MAC address) that shares the internet connection the Raspberry shares via ethernet. Thus, both as a router, and as a "fake AP generator".

Is this possible? If not, any ideas of what would be the best workaround?

I am doing this for test purposes. The spoofing did not work well only faking unconnectable signals, but my theory is that by also creating an actual access point with a fake mac address, the setup will work better.

Thanks in advance.


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I'm guessing your problem is that when the device is in monitor mode, it can't be in AP mode (if that's the name).

Quickest solution would be to simply add a second radio to your Pi and use that as the AP.

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Hi Cooper,

Thank you for your answer! I managed to do as you have suggested, and it worked. One is running in monitor mode, and the other is running as a bridge between the ethernet and wlan.

I do however have now a new problem (see post: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36100-ap-w-spoofed-mac-address-doesnt-work/). My AP, with a spoofed MAC, isn't connectable.

But the issue from this post here was solved. Thanks!

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