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log in on wifihotspot with username and paswords


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hello everybody

i got a quastion

how can i connect to i hotel or cabel providers wifi hotspot like ziggo in the netherlands with de pineapple

u have to put in a long user name and then a password

can u help me ? greetz bace1978 the netherlands

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You wish to connect your pineapple to their networks?

Do you have permission to do this? If not, I would not advise doing it. You should only use the pineapple on networks you have permission to connect to for testing purposes or Penetration Testing.

Also it's not a case of just turn on and get passwords.

I'd suggest you give the manual a read, and then also head on over to the Wifipineapple University https://hak5.org/category/episodes/pineapple-university

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Relax Rkiver... I use my pineapple on Hotel wifi all the time. It's not an issue unless you start doing something you shouldn't on someone else's network.

bace1978: Just connect to your pineapple via Ethernet or wlan0, and use the Client Mode tab to have wlan1 (or wlan2 if you have another adapter plugged in via usb) connect to the hotel's wifi. You do all this through the management page for the pineapple. When you have the Client Mode connected and you have an IP address either a popup will happen that gives you their login page/captive portal or open another tab in your browser and try to go to a known webpage. Attempting to go to a page is sometimes used to trigger their captive portal. If you have issue try different browsers. I've had some that trigger in Chrome but not in Safari and the reverse has happened as well. Once you enter the username and password it will authenticate the Pineapple and allow traffic through to the network. Once that happens any device that accesses the Pineapples broadcasted Access Point will gain access through to their network due to the network bridge in place (br-lan).

In fact if the hotel access point (or any access point) just requires characters to be typed in to forms but not usernames/passwords you might try the infusion Portalauth. It's actually a pretty slick program that will sense a captive portal, allow you to clone it, or attempt to auto authenticate. Very handy.

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