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Whats going on with the web site.


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Hi all

Does anyone know what is wrong with the site....

I have checked it every day last week, and no new videos.

but today, there is three new videos that had beebn posted at least 5 dayas ago.

why is the web site not updatiing correctly.

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Try checking your browser cache settings. It's possible you're seeing cached data. Change it to always update on reloads. Some browsers will update at different intervals(mainly IE based browsers), especially if a site sends http headers for when something is set to expire, you would have to manually clear your cache. If you're on a proxied network, you may also be fed cached data from your ISP but that is usually something you only run into on a corporate network to reduce bandwidth.

I have all my browsers set to clear their cache and storage on exit though, but thats more for clearing my history and security than anything else.

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My thoughts are along the same thing mentioned above, some how the site is being cached in the delivery process.

This has ben going on for a few weeks, no updates, then a new web page with a couple of new videos that have been posted days before turns up.

I have set my web browser cache to 1mb and I see if that makes a difference.

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Cache size probably isn't the issue and I would imagine your may impact your browsing downloads. Cache just makes things load faster since you don't have to reload things you've already downloaded.

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