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WiFi Pineapple FAQ Mega Thread


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This thread contains information related to common issues including Wireless, Web Interface and has answers to frequent questions like buying in Europe and shipping. The plan is to update the thread as often as possible hopefully based on feedback. The Wiki is also a valuable resource for information, as well as the search function on these forums.

Thank you for reading!


Wireless Issues

  • Why can't I start wlan1 in master mode?
    • Wlan1 is the RTL8187L and does not support master mode.
  • Why can't I use client mode on 5GHz or 802.11n/ac networks?
    • Neither the AR9331 (Wlan0) or the RTL8187 (Wlan1) support 5GHz or AC. Only the AR9331 supports 802.11n.
  • Why won't Karma work on encrypted access points?
    • Thats because karma cannot mimick the encrypted AP unless you have the 4-Way handshake. You would also need the encryption key to read traffic.
  • My airodump-ng is stuck on channel -1, how do I fix this?
    • After making your monitor interface, disable the physical adaptor with "ifconfig wlanX down", where X is the number belonging to the correct interface.

Web Interface Issues

  • When I navigate to the Web Interface i see a black screen or only a green bar.
    • Any scripts or plugins running in your browser may interfere with the the Web Interfaces JavaScript, it is advised you disable these plugins.
      Add-ons such as noscript will also stop you from using the Web Interface. Cookies should also be enabled.
  • I have no plugins and cookies are enabled, but I still have this problem.
    • If you are certain all plugins are disabled and cookies are enabled, try clearing your browsers cache.

MicroSD issues

  • Infusions being installed to my pineapple are really slow.
    • The SD Cards included are standard Class 4 microSD cards. For greater file transfer speeds to the SD card you will need to acquire a Class 10 microSD card.
  • I have a new microSD card and need to format it for the pineapple.
    • The WiFi Pineapple will accept formats of either fat or ext (ext4 is recommended). You can do this on your computer or by the Web Interface. (Resources -> USB -> Format SD Card).
  • My microSD card does not mount or is not recognised anymore.
    • It's possible the microSD card has become corrupt. Try formatting it as described above.
  • My infusions disappear after rebooting.
    • The microSD card can become corrupt if you power off the pineapple while it is being written to. You can try reformatting it as described above.

Power Issues

  • What are the power requirements for my WiFi Pineapple Mark V?
    • The Mark V can be powered by 5V-12V, however any thing below 9-12 Watts may cause the device to reboot while under load. This means you can power the Mark V in these configurations: 9V 1A (9 Watts), 5V 2A (10 Watts), or 12V 1A (12 Watts).
  • My battery does not charge!
    • If you have connected your battery to the charger and it does not charge (give it a few hours, the different batteries can take from 7-15h to charge), make sure the power switch is set to ON. The batteries require this - otherwise they will not charge. If you have been doing this all along, please also verify you are using the exact power supply we shipped along with the battery. While they might seem like the same, they are not. For example, you cannot use the WiFi Pineapple MKV PSU to charge your batteries. If you are still having issues after all of this, please contact shop@hak5.org for a replacement.

Infusion Issues

  • I'm having issues with an infusion I downloaded, how do I find help?
    • You can look in the infusion sub-forum and search the name of the infusion in the searchbox. If a thread does not exist for your infusion, you may create one. Please do not bump threads.
  • My pineapple cannot receive a list of infusions! Is wifipineapple.com down!?

Hardware Issues

  • My WiFi Pineapple is defective and I want to return it.
    • Please contact shop@hak5.org and be sure to quote your order number.
  • But, I emailed them already and havn't had a reply!
    • Hak5 is a very small team, and it can take a couple of days for them to reach your email, please be paitient. You are not being ignored!
  • My WiFi Pineapples LEDs are dim and my device wont boot.
    • Make sure you have a MicroSD card that is correctly formatted (FAT32) and is working. If the issue persists please see the above.

Shipping Issues

  • I want to buy a WiFi Pineapple but I live in europe, is there a european shop?

General Support

  • Where else can I get help?
    • You can join the irc at irc.hak5.org/6667 on channel #pineapple.
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