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sniffing rtmp or m3u8 streams


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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to find rtmp or m3u8 streams?

There are many webpages out there that are broadcasting HD TV channels etc.. but i can't seem to get the rtmp or m3u8 stream. (in order to play it on vlc or Kodi (ex-xmbc)

URL sniffer with Wincap doesn't seem to cut it. Inspecting the source code doesn't really help either.

Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey thanks for the reply.

I'll look into your suggestion. I assure that I've tried everything.

I'm currently trying to get the url to: http://www.mega-television.com/

I'm rather new to this. But what i've gathered so far:

If an iptv link (especuilly premium channel link) is 3 days old, it's more than likely not working.

Simple Tv is the only good software that works with rtmp.

A sure bet is ACESTREAM since it de-centralized. (like bitorrent)

Thanks again

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