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Temporary root access from Chinese team for android


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Retail version of the VZ note 4 and a chinease team have created a temporary root method, that apparently lasts until reboot. However, there's been some questions of the security of the phones data and conflicts with SuperSu (with the retail versions).

After a virtual OS is loaded on the mircro SD, looks like kingroot exploits the boot loader to boot a OS that is installed on a the micro SD card then, is running in read-only on the locked bootloader and writes over changes in the RAM to give root access to apps. But some users say the more apps they root, the more the phone will reboot itself, I'm guessing Knox is catching the discripencies of the HHD and RAM?

1. I'm not sure how legit the app is and so far it seems like it works for KitKat 4.4.4, not too sure about Lolipop 5.0.1.

2. The SD card would be paritioned with Fat32 and Ext4, seems odd.

3. Retailers encrypt the bootloader with SHA-256, generating hash key seems impossible.

4. Would it be possible to boot into a custom boot loader rather than a OS? Then flash the stock ROM with a new bootloader and OS?

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I don't think Cyanogen has been able to crack the bootloader, so far only the develper editions or sprint/t-mobile ones are rootable since they don't have a locked bootloader. Although what's interesting is the s6 variants are rootable, although I'm curious about the kingroot being a trusted source.

What do you guys think about the oneplus 2 as a alternative? Although I'm leary about the 810 snapdragon.

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