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Pineapple and Kali Nethunter


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I am new to the forum, so I hope I put this in a good place!

I recently acquired one of the Mark IV devices and I have had quite a bit of fun with it. I was looking forward to using it with my phone (samsung galaxy s5) and other than usb tethering I have had great success with it. About a week ago I decided to load kali nethunter on my nexus 7 tablet for use along side with the wifipinapple. (I don't have the rite kind of antenna on the tablet in order to do a lot network penetration applications, so I thought that this would be a great match.) So unlike my s5 the tethering on kali nethunter is seamless, however I am not able to access the log-in prompt for the pineapple after inputing the rite ip and ports in the browser. I can access this log in-prompt using other devices if I connect to the pineapple's wifi network. I hope others in the forum have had some experience with using the pinapple on NetHunter, I think it would be a device match made in heaven.

My only guess is that it could be ip tables, however I know that Nethunter has a bit of an odd ip configuration.

Any light brought to this topics, or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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