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Will my friends aunt make it in the corporate world?


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My friend was telling me that her Aunt overstaff the department, then started promoting employees so she could be promoted to director. But her aunt knew she was gonna get fired for being overbudget and BSing so, she took company trips to conventions and marketed herself and made connections. Then started doing contract work on the side for companies. She said her aunt gave all the work to the managers, went to meetings then watched youtube videos out of bordom.

However, all but one manager have been fired and all the work load is on her but, she accepted a new job offer.

Will she make it as a director in her new job or contract work?

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If you don't mind my saying, the sheer incompetence here probably guarantees she will make it in the corporate world. Turn your negative into a positive! She seems to play the game well enough.

You were trying to make a point about the curious nature of what she has done right?

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Concur. Sounds like she's the fast-and-loose manager type who, as long as she can stay ahead of the complete clusterfuck left in her wake, will be a stunning success in the business world.

But, eventally, that shit will catch up to her. People in general are idiots, but as she rides the ever rising wave of shit flowing after her she's going to run into people more adept at seeing through her BS. She's going to fall down HARD and the longer it's been going on the higher on the wave she is so the higher she'll fall from plus the wave itself will crush her. She's going to end up being lucky to be allowed to pour you coffee.

Advice to her: hide your money and go easy on the spending since, when she goes down, her income will evaporate and she'll undoubtedly have a hard time adjusting to that.

Advice to you: distance yourself from her. She's family and you can remain friendly, obviously. But don't help her, don't let her pay you to do things, don't accept excessive gifts, that sort of thing.

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