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Christmas Presents !!!


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Mine is always on, texts, emails, calls, ssh, web, maps... treo 650 was/is damn cool

I just picked up a 650 from a friend of mine. What apps do you run on yours? So far the only thing I've added to mine was some silly bluetooth "hacking" programs (bluejacker and bluespam), though I really have had a chance to play with them much.

And speaking of phones, a buddy of mine just got a Nokia E61. We're in the States and supposedly only the E62 works over here. The E61 has wifi, though, which makes it a lot more desirable. He had to flash the firmware to get rid of the Planet3 crap, but man, it's one nice phone.

The Core Media player, pssh and opera. And a binary clock. Thinking of upgrading though, want a wifi/voip phone.

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get money and give it to me :)

for xmas will people stop talking like this:

"Its a gals world....boyz just live in it says (19:13):

[une] yh u hav nxt 2 u"

WTF dose that mean?

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Really, though, spelling is so overrated. I mean, you know what the person meant regardless of how they spelled it.

Like in your example, you can tell what Kateweb is asking.

However, I think Firefox 2 would explode if she tried to use it. :)

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I HATE christmas.

This stupid holiday forces me to find a gift in the 10-20 euro range for people who are wealthy enough that when they see something they might want that costs that much, they would buy it then and there.

I've got 4 cousins/nieces that are under 15 for whom getting a christmas gift is both fun and rewarding. Not in the least because you can pretty much give them anything and they'll love you for it. When someone goes past that age, they should just abolish gifts.

Me and my oldest sis now have an agreement that we don't give eachother gifts for our birthdays anymore. It was just too hard to find something suitable that didn't cost over $100, which if you ask me is pretty rediculous for a gift to just some family member (girlfriends and the like are of course in a different category).

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Yeah I quite agree... I haven't actually *expected* gifts since I was about 16 (I'm 20 now)... some might say I shouldn't have expected them at all but that's another conversation...

I don't expect to get much at all this christmas and if I can at all help if I won't be giving anything either, besides perhaps something really quite cheap...

The only thing I like about christmas for adults is the thought that you're encouraged to get together, get smashed, eat heartily and have a damn good time for once in the year... it doesn't always work that was of course but the idea's nice...

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the sad thing is , is that the holiday has ben turnd into what can i get . I am not a christian but I do understand what the holiday is sopose to represent and it seems to get lost in all the shoping and bikkering with relitives . Kinda sad.

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wow this is like emo fest LOL

i love just being with family at xmas too like. come on you lot cheer up .. and i dont have time for spell checkers cos i type so much

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did you ever see that thing where you can mix up all the letters as long as you keep the first and last in the same plcae .. it geos aibt lkie tihs buecase yuor biran olny raed the fsrit and lsat lteetrs

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