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VT-d and KVM with just one laptop monitor.


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Would it be possible with a hybrid Intel/Nvidia GTX870M video card to have Linux isolated to the Intel video card and Windows use the Nvidia card...one the same monitor?

I've seen a similar setup with a the Nvidia going to a external monitor using PCI passthrough in the VM (GTX870M seems to allow passthrough if it's tricked that it's not a virtual OS) The idea would let switching to the VM on a seperate workspace for games and also play with linux on the other workspace, also if 8.1 gets infected, I can load a snapshot vs. lossing my entire laptop; and help protect the BIOS and hardrive.



VT-d enabled


32 GB Ram

KVM with Virtual Machine Manager

Nividia GeForce GTX870M 3gb vram

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Is this by chance related to Optimus? If I'm not mistaken, in the case of Optimus all video is processed through the Intel graphics chip before being passed on to NVIDIA. So therefore both chips are inextricably linked to the other. VGA pass through maybe be an exception, I really can't help much in the way of advice. I'm posting mostly out of interest/curiosity more than anything else.

This is the kind of thing I've long been interested in. The only thing that really keeps me tied to Windows is games. If I could play all my games in a Windows VM within Linux, while retaining near-native performance, I would probably never dualboot again.

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I wish but, optimus does a pci redirect that allows the OS to run another video card but it's still tied to one OS, in this case the host such as Mint, Arch, etc.. In this case, the host OS would have the Nvidia card blacklist in the Kernel so it won't grab the Bus ID, then the guest OS would "recognize" the unused graphics card. This would allow windows to load Nvidia drivers and run the Nvidia card directly, so there would be no overhead on virtualizing the video on top of linux. The only downside is linux can't use the Nvidia card. Linux tends to be effecient in ram and HDD allocation, with the combination of VT-d of the processor and Nvidia card I think that would make a very fast virtual machine.

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