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Let smartphone connect automatic to the pinapple.


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I have the following settings with PineAP,

MK5 Karma
Log: Probes,Associations,PineAP Daemon, Send Beacon Responses, Harvest SSIDs, Dogma.
Those are all checked.
I see in the PineAp ssid management the different networks the MKV gets from my iphone's probe request.
Also when I scan the wifi network I see all the extra ssid's.
What should i have to do to let my smartphone connect automatic with one of these networks. I don't want to manually select the wifi network from the smartphone.
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This is a known feature? in some smartphones. I know my android didn't autoconnect to any networks until I played around with some of the settings. Just go into your WIFI settings on the device and look around you should find something to allow it to connect to known networks.

Also this thread may be helpful: http://androidforums.com/threads/wifi-not-auto-connecting-to-known-network.838932/

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Yeah, different phones have different settings. In my travels I have found very few phones that automatically connect to a known SSID right out of the box, usually it takes playing around with the settings some. I guess it's just at the manufacturer's discretion? I don't know, maybe someone with some more insight could comment on this.

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