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Captive Portal not working on Pineapple MarkV


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I have developed a Captive Portal, but it will not work on the Pineapple, but it runs smoothly on my own web server.

You can find it here: <admin snip>

I also have a problem when you enter the captive portal, i want the login form NOT to be toggled, i want to click on the button before the form is toggled. How can I do that?

Back to the Pineapple-problem. When I log in, it doesn't redirect to google.com, which I have set up to happen automagically.

It just enters the php-page which handles the posting to file and redirect.

Is there some limitations on the pineapple who is not present on my webserver?

Here is my landing page:

<admin snip>

And here is my php-file:

<admin snip>

This is what I want to happen:

User logs on my network, user clicks the "Log in"-button and the form appears. User logs in, the credentials are logged to "log.txt" and the user gets redirected to google.com. This works perfectly on my webserver, but not on my pineapple. A little frustrated :)

Appreciate any help, and sorry for my bad english :)

Greetings from Norway!


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Hi golfsko,

Welcome to the forums!

Sadly, I had to remove the captive portal link, code, and thumbnail, as they are clearly intended for phishing. The WiFi Pineapple should only be used in an authorized environment (and stealing social media credentials probably falls outside that category). If you are facing issues with a captive portal, you can discuss this, but we simply do not condone phishing on these forums. It would give the entire community a bad name.

Feel free to send me a PM if you have any further questions on the matter.

Best Regards,


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