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problem using clonezilla and i7 board


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Hi all

I have spent the weekend tryin to update to a 1 Tb harddrive on my i7 quad core board rig.

now i have used clonezilla before, but i am not expert.

i used the expert mode on disk to disk with the -k1

but every time it failed saying the boot partition size is different to the source, even if they are the same as i partioned it before i started.

it just wouldn't play ball.

so I cloned my old window 7 rig, it worked 1st time....so I will use that instead

is there an issuse with cloniing a hard drive on an I7 motherbaord

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well, I treid easy mode, it didn't work..it still hung up with boot partition the wrong size.

Like i said, not an expert.

it worked the 1st time on the old rig.

anyway its done now.

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