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Need Help Understanding Please


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really need help to understand this, so i will start from the beginning.

i bought the pineapple ultra bundle, ive update it and think i have it all working correctly.

the problem is i dont really understand the ariel setups.

i have the two built in ariels and also the alfa usb adaptor plugged in to the usb.

i have the alfa usb plugged into my pineapple and connected to my home network in client mode (home wifi)

i then created an AP for other people to connect to ie (free wifi)

i also created a secure management AP for myself to connect to (MY AP)

now the issue is, if i connect my laptop to the secure (MY AP) network, i can access the pinapple management screen.

but if i connect my laptop to my home network (home wifi) and enter the management screen never loads, is this correct? can i only access the management panel whilst connected to the secure management AP (MY AP.) also when connected the the secure management AP i often loose internet connectivity to my laptop, so end up switching back to my home wifi just to browse the web.

so as you see i dont really understand the ariel system and what does what, i have read a few posts on the ariels but it still confuses me :(

and lastly i have tested AP i created (free wifi) from my laptop and most of the time its, ok but it also looses connectivity or just acts extremley slow.

Please help clear this up for me as i really love the pineapple and just want to fully understand it, thank and i hope you were able to follow

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If your pineapple is connected to your home network and you are also connected to your network, you will need to use the IP address that your router assigns the pineapple (or alfa card) ex.

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