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DDoS Attacking.


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So, I'm a not very experienced hacker, I've learned a couple of things, but I would love to know how to DDoS attack any servers, in-game server, websites, etc. And yes, I've already seen this, and this isn't actually a DDoS attack; ping (IP Address) -t -l (Number). I would like how to ACTUALLY DDoS attack, and I mean I want to be able to crash, or make game servers or websites EXTREMELY SLOW/LAGGY I don't want things like LOIC, that only DDoS attacks you're own device.

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Yeah dude no one is going to help with that question one but I think.

And let's say you do crash a online gaming server and your caught........ They will have you jumping from court to court my man.

My advice take a different direction my man

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