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how can i send a virus to someone who has been bullying me


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So...yea. I know ethics are out the window on this question but I have email address of someone who has bullied me for years. Where can I post for best results?. I'm sick of the abuse and hope this will take their attention away from me. I have to put up with this bullying ive tried everything

I dont have access to computer but know I can get them to open a infected email

Thanks to anyone with ANY ideas

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Eh you came to the wrong place if their is one thing i've learned about this site is the people don't support anything that isn't ethical so you're in the wrong place for help with that.

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You should talk to someone about being bullied.

If it's in school, talk to your parents, teachers, councilors.

If it's at uni, talk to a professor you trust.

If it's in your job, go file a complaints.

Sending a virus to someone is not the answer here. Besides, this is very much not the right place no one here will help you with that.

Thread locked.

Brat regards,


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