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Using infusion on a connected LAN


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So my setting is 3 radio.

A small antenna in the port 2 of the wifi pineapple (wlan0)

a 2,4g yagi antenna wlan1

and an Alfa as wlan2

So instead of using the infusion for the AP created by Wlan0 I want to connect to an existing AP than use all my infusion from there.

For this I tried at start to change Wlan0 to connect to the targeted AP without broadcasting any AP, and then I tried to use Wlan1 and 2 for the infusions but nothing work. What setting should I use to be able to use the infusion on a recently connected AP?


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Based on ur antenna setup (maybe change the yagi to wlan2 if the client AP is far away), I'd leave the wlan0 & wlan1 alone as they are the Pineapple's main PineAP interfaces and probably have the wlan2 connect to the AP. After that, you'd want to use either that same interface (because that's the one that's connected to the network)with ur infusions (ettercap) if you are trying to see information on that network or the br-lan interface if you have clients connected to your Pineapple and wish to use your infusions on them.

Hopefully this answers your question or at least helps. Let me know if you need a better explanation, I don't mind! :-)

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