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How to see what websites connected pc or gsm is viewing


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Just received my Mark V. Had to pay some custom fees but am very happy with this decive.

I bought it to use the captive portal. Did find a very good tutorial on youtube, so thats the main reason that i purchase this beauty.

Now i'm fiddling a bit with this device. I have also an ALFA AWUS036H connected. I can see that my iphone is connected with it, when i use PineAP.

Also have selected "MK5 Karma, Probes, Associations, PineAP Daemon, Send Beacon Responses, Harvest SSID and Dogma"

when I click the PineAP bar I can see my iphone and when I click on it's mac address I see some probe request, but that's pretty much it. What should I do so that I can see on the pinapple what my iphone is doing. For instance what webpages i'm searching ect.ect.

My log files stay empty.

Sorry about my bad english and hope you understand me :)

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