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Needed - Idiot's Guide to Ducking

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I have extremely little experience with coding. I am following the Rubber Ducky Draft document to the letter, but am failing to produce results.

Step by step what I have done:

-Copy over duckencode.jar and example_1.txt to microSD card in the same location as inject.bin

-Used cmdprompt to load .txt file into duckencode.jar (successful)

-Assemble the ducky, plugged into computer, green light pulses (successful)

-Nothing else happens (notepad does not come up, fail)

I then proceeded to update the USB driver via the Amtel FLIP software package and repeated the process. Now I receive an error message at the cmdprompt stage "error at line 2". Not sure what happened or what I need to do next.

Ducky Hardware Version:?

Ducky Firmware Version/Code Name: V1

Country/Language: US, English

Operating System: Windows 7

Target Operating System: Windows 7

Ducky Script:

REM Add delay to ensure Windows can add appropriate driver


STRING notepad



STRING This is my first Ducky Script


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Add DELAY 3000 at the beginning of your script.

Recompile to inject.bin

Yes, 3000 is a good wait time. The first time you use the rubber ducky on a computer it takes a bit to install the drivers (could take a mintue or two, so plug in the ducky for the first time and wait. then reactivate the payload). But after the drivers install, 3000 is a standard wait time so that your computer recognizes that a new device has been plugged into your machine. If the script activates any sooner, the computer will most likely skip the beginning of the script since the payload activated before the computer recognized it's existance.

Of course, This all depends on the computer speeds. Very fast computers that have been duckied at least once, could get away with shorter wait times. But if you want to make your paylaod more globally accepted by computers, you haveto compensate for slower ones and add the delays at the beginning.

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