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Reverse_TCP - NAT Network to NAT Network


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I'm looking to set up a reverse_tcp tunnel between two separate home environments. Currently I'm thinking NAT may be an issue. I'm currently thinking I just need to set up port-forwarding to my pentesting laptop. Am I missing anything else?

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Ah, I didn't understand it was for pentesting purposes. I thought you just wanted to connect the networks. Port forwarding the ports the tunnel uses should work in theory. It all depends if you have a direct IP to the internet or if you get internet that is behind another NAT that is sub leased in a way.

I have seen people that live in apartments behind a NAT they do not control that plugs in as the internet source for their NAT Router. In that situation, forwarding the ports on your router would not work since there is another NAT layer preventing incoming connections.

A simple way to check is to pick your favorite show your IP website and see if that matches the external IP address your router is detecting.

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