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Ducky Payload to Teensy Converter

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Hey guys, got bored last night so I decided to make a Ducky to Teensy converter.

It's fairly simple and straight forward. Sorry Hak5 Team! I just like the Teensy a little more due to it having much more functionality...and cheaper, but I do plan on buying a Ducky soon.

You can find the converter here: http://stuffs.rejectedfreaks.net/rubberteensy/

I've also included the ability to make it wait until the drivers are installed and ready. The "REPEAT" command is not supported yet, and there may still be a few bugs but I've tested it out with a few ducky payloads and it all works! :D

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Cool, I toyed with the idea of doing something similar a few years back but didn't bother since I couldn't think why anyone in their right mind would want to author anything in ducky script in the first place :)

Would prefer to see actual code rather that "service as a software substitute" though.

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I plan on releasing the code to this thing as well but since I put it together in just a few hours it's messy and very inefficient, once I get it cleaned up I'll let everyone know.

And yeah I know what you mean, I didn't think it'd be taken this seriously but I guess the Ducky is more of a entry-level tool.

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